Displeasure about vehicle classification grows at PROsport Racing

PROsport Racing is growing increasingly disgruntled about the vehicle classification in the ADAC GT4 Germany by the SRO.

Despite the fourth position of Hugo Sasse and Mike David Ortmann in the first round of the ADAC GT4 Germany at the DEKRA Lausitzring, the displeasure at PROsport Racing about the vehicle classification (BoP) by the SRO is growing. “I don’t want to reduce the whole thing to just Hugo and Mike, after all, we also field three other vehicles,” emphasizes team boss Christoph Esser.

“For example, with Damon we have a Canadian in the team who flies to Germany six times a year to compete in the ADAC GT4 Germany and then he experiences such a difficult situation. In addition, our two young drivers and our girls’ car: because of the BoP, the two youngsters and our two girls are sometimes unable to show their real skills and are labeled worse in public than they really are,” Esser continues. “In addition, you could clearly see with Hugo how much he was bumped in the starting phase. The fact that the car moved back up to fourth position in the course of the race is due to the course of the race, our good strategy and the fact that some of our competitors had bad luck.”

Another source of frustration for the team owner was the fact that all four of the team’s Aston Martin Vantage cars were kept in the parc fermé for around 45 minutes longer after qualifying than all the other vehicles in the race series. This meant that the mechanics of the team from Wiesemscheid had less time to prepare the cars for the upcoming race.

The fact that the Parc Fermé dragged on for a long time after the end of the race for the examination of the vehicles by the technical commissioners of the DMSB also caused some displeasure among Esser. “It’s 33 degrees here. My mechanics now have to bridge this waiting period and then screw on our four cars to prepare them for qualifying and the race on Sunday. We finish here around 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. and then have to go to the hotel before qualifying starts again at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning. I feel this is ignorant of the race team mechanics! Shortening this process and giving the mechanics a bit more well-deserved time off would be very desirable.”

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