Opel Kadett C Coupé Gr.4

The Opel Kadett C was introduced 1973 and until summer 1979 Opel produced about 1,5 Million chassis.

The top Modell the „1000-Series“ made its debut in 1978. 2000 ccm Engine, pushing 115 HP transmitted to the wheels by a 5 speed ZF manual transmission. The Coupé was presented in an, for that time, aggressive yellow and white.

On this base a lot of race- and rallycars have been built, the most famous of those must have been the one legendary Walther Röhrl raced in the Rally Championship.

The car here shown is a full rebuilt to the regulations of a group 2 racecar, just like they raced in 1979.

PROsport CEO Chris Esser has done various races with a close to identical Car in the past, for example he and his brother Winfried Esser two times entered the famous ADAC 1000 km race.

Apart from a few technical novelties, this car is basically to the original one they raced.

Available is an 8 Valve engine with about 195 HP, as well as a 16 Valve CIH Engine, which has been homologated for the Group 4, which has been measured with about 260 HP.

Apart from Bodywork, PROsport has built and developed various things off one own’s bat.

When it comes to the engine, we trust the well-known Opel expert Risse Motorsport.